Monday, October 20, 2014

Up to Speed

Its been a REALLY long time since i've updated, I know! There has been so much going on, its been hard to keep up. A quick bulleted recap of the past month:

* We bought a house! It was a long and difficult process but we closed about 2 weeks ago.
* We're renovating a house! Its a long and difficult process that just began. Wish us luck.
* Lots of work! I've gotten really busy and exceeded all of my expectations for what might happen when I move to New York. Its been all different kinds of gigs which is fun and fast paced, but sometimes stressful. I also finished editing the Artisans pilot and sent it off to the network for finishing touches.
* Weddings, events, holidays - filling the gaps between work and house stuff

I haven't shot a roll of film in a month, and that is a tragedy. Here's a collection of iphone photos from various recent gigs.

Monday, September 29, 2014

San Juan del Sur

Earlier this month, I went down to Nicaragua to do some work on a reality show shooting in San Juan del Sur. I've spent a lot of time in Nicaragua (probably almost a year's worth of time) but never made it down to the south because I try to avoid touristy spots. I ended up having a great time and being blown away by the contrast from the north of the country, I may actually have to plan a surf trip there sometime (in the off season). 

Monday, September 15, 2014

Smart phones = Dumb people

I work in a field dominated by technology, and as a freelancer I live and die by emails, phone calls, and texts. That much is not really up for debate. However, I have been making an effort to try to spend less time worrying over the "fear of missing out" (FOMO). The goal is to continue to work, blog, and capture but to spend more of the time in between outdoors, reading, or doing something away from a screen. I've recently been encouraged by some great reads, such as:

"Reboot or die trying"
"Instant gratification"
"Nature connection will be the next big human trend"

This is more personal than what I usually share, but it is in no way a pledge/pact/philosophy, just an attempt to spend more time here:

And less time here: