Monday, January 27, 2014

California + Puerto Rico

My photo and video background has always been a digital one. The first camera I ever owned was a little canon digital point and shoot that I got way back in 2004. I bought a little water housing for it to take my first surf pictures, and carried it around everywhere. For some reason, I never took photography in high school and never got to experience shooting film back when it was a more viable option. It was never really a thought that occurred to me until in 2008 when I was studying in Peru, when a friend gave me a plastic medium format camera. I happened to live near a place that sold and developed for really cheap and ended up shooting hundreds of photos over the 6 months that I lived there. Since then i've learned how to develop my film at home and I scan it with a negative scanner (unfortunately I still have never gotten the chance to print in a darkroom). It's time consuming and can be frustrating, but I have a nice book of negatives that will be around for as long as I live. Here are a couple shots from California and Puerto Rico, followed by a few digital ones.