Monday, January 27, 2014

California + Puerto Rico

My photo and video background has always been a digital one. The first camera I ever owned was a little canon digital point and shoot that I got way back in 2004. I bought a little water housing for it to take my first surf pictures, and carried it around everywhere. For some reason, I never took photography in high school and never got to experience shooting film back when it was a more viable option. It was never really a thought that occurred to me until in 2008 when I was studying in Peru, when a friend gave me a plastic medium format camera. I happened to live near a place that sold and developed for really cheap and ended up shooting hundreds of photos over the 6 months that I lived there. Since then i've learned how to develop my film at home and I scan it with a negative scanner (unfortunately I still have never gotten the chance to print in a darkroom). It's time consuming and can be frustrating, but I have a nice book of negatives that will be around for as long as I live. Here are a couple shots from California and Puerto Rico, followed by a few digital ones. 


  1. Lovely photos, I especially love the last one, the blues just pop! It's great that you can develop the film at home yourself. It would save me alot of money on development if I could! I do always scan the negatives I get back from the drugstore though and I'm always surprised by the difference between the prints I get back and what the scanned image looks like

    1. Thanks! It happened out of necessity actually, the drugstore near me that developed my negatives stopped entirely. That left me with the choice of sending them out via mail myself, or taking them to a local boutiquey photo store that charged $8 per roll just to develop (and also mailed them out, not even in house). Try doing it with black and white, all the materials cost under $100 and its super easy! After the initial cost, which includes a gallon of developer good for at least 8 rolls, it costs pennies on the dollar and the connection you feel is awesome.