Friday, June 27, 2014

Medium Format Madrid, Pt. 2

More Yashica Madrid photos! My trip to California turned into a trip to Boston last minute (thats production for you) so no updates from San Fran, but we had incredible shooting weather and it was a great trip. Summer in New England is magical, I wish I could stay and go hiking and camping but i'll be off to Georgia for another job next week.

Wednesday, June 25, 2014

Medium Format Madrid

I'm really happy to share some pictures that I took last week in Spain, they feel like instant classics. They were shot with a Yashica Mat 124-G on Tmax 400. Also one of my "art of packing" photos was featured over at Japan Camera Hunter, which is probably my favorite film-related website! Head over and take a look and browse their great articles as well. 


Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jet lags and zig zags

My posting has been somewhat scarce as of late, and to my small audience I apologize. This month has been a blaze of traveling, work, and lots of fun. Me and Steffy went to Spain for a reunion with some of my family and the internet was spotty, so it took me until now to get up some new photos that I developed before I left. I'm happy to report that my concerns about the softness of my Olympus XA2 were eased once I developed a batch with fresh film. As you can see in these photos (one last one from Nicaragua, two from a job in Miami) it's capable of pretty decent sharpness for a tiny $60 camera. 

The Yashica-Mat 124G was my weapon of choice for Spain, a questionable choice to carry around while walking six to eight hours a day. However, I felt that the uniqueness of a trip to Europe deserved the most resolution that I could get, shoulder be damned. I've got less than a 48 hour turnaround before I head off to San Francisco for work (and exploration), hopefully I can fit in time to develop before I'm off again. Life is good in the summer of 2014! 

Sunday, June 15, 2014

Smoke, Rain and Sand

This past week it hit me that summer is officially here. I worked one day on the beach, another day in a botanical garden, and a third at a pro football player's house. Summer in Miami means three things, rain, heat, and bugs. We deal the best we can with bugspray and sunscreen by the gallon, as well as lots of water and cuban coffee. After working I spent the weekend in New York and will have some film to share soon!

Sunday, June 8, 2014

Nicaragua XA2

Here are some pictures from my trip to Nicaragua that I took on the Olympus XA2. The first three are from a walk around Managua (not going to lie, one of my least favorite places to be) and the last is from my drive to the coast. The one of the street musicians is my favorite, but like I saw in the first roll there is some funny haziness to the pictures - look at the Coca Cola sign in photo #2. I'm almost done with my fresh roll of Tri-X so the mystery of whether the camera or the expired film was the culprit will be solved soon. I'll be working three days this week and then heading to New York, so I should have lots of interesting things to shoot. The question, as always is what to shoot it with?

Friday, June 6, 2014

Olympus XA2 First Roll

I stayed up until late last night developing and scanning two rolls of expired Tmax 100 that I shot over memorial day weekend and in Nicaragua on my new Olympus XA2. I developed the film for an extra minute since it was expired and I had heard that you should compensate by adding extra time. The shots are surprisingly nice for such a small, simple camera. There is a little bit of haziness to the pictures, which I am thinking came from the film being old (I hope). It's loaded with a fresh roll of Tri-X right now so I'm interested to see how that comes out. My first impressions of the camera are really good, it's perfect for carrying around in your pocket and shooting with on the street. The light seals are a little gunky, so i've been researching how to change them and may attempt to do it soon. I'll have more pictures to come once I finish editing!

Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Canon Rebel SL1 + 40mm 2.8

I'm writing this post from the Managua airport, because I have 3 hours until my flight and I dont have any more photos to share from my trip (they're all waiting to be developed). Anyways, last year Steffy kept asking me to buy her a camera of her own. I have a 7D and a bunch of lenses, but I use it for work sometimes and it's too big for her to carry around. She wanted something small she could leave in the purse and use to take wherever she went. I did my research and eventually found the rebel SL1, which is the smallest DSLR Canon has ever made. It has the same 18 mp sensor as the T5i, and some neat features like a touchscreen, video recording, etc. I picked it up for a great promo price of $379 and paired it with the 40mm 2.8 pancake lens. The two are made for each other, and we love the focal length and image quality of the 40mm lens. It's liberating to have such a small lightweight camera with you when you go out rather than a 7D with an L lens. The 7D now collects dust in the closet, and this one comes with us everywhere. I cant think of a better way to recommend it than that!