Sunday, June 22, 2014

Jet lags and zig zags

My posting has been somewhat scarce as of late, and to my small audience I apologize. This month has been a blaze of traveling, work, and lots of fun. Me and Steffy went to Spain for a reunion with some of my family and the internet was spotty, so it took me until now to get up some new photos that I developed before I left. I'm happy to report that my concerns about the softness of my Olympus XA2 were eased once I developed a batch with fresh film. As you can see in these photos (one last one from Nicaragua, two from a job in Miami) it's capable of pretty decent sharpness for a tiny $60 camera. 

The Yashica-Mat 124G was my weapon of choice for Spain, a questionable choice to carry around while walking six to eight hours a day. However, I felt that the uniqueness of a trip to Europe deserved the most resolution that I could get, shoulder be damned. I've got less than a 48 hour turnaround before I head off to San Francisco for work (and exploration), hopefully I can fit in time to develop before I'm off again. Life is good in the summer of 2014! 

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