Friday, June 6, 2014

Olympus XA2 First Roll

I stayed up until late last night developing and scanning two rolls of expired Tmax 100 that I shot over memorial day weekend and in Nicaragua on my new Olympus XA2. I developed the film for an extra minute since it was expired and I had heard that you should compensate by adding extra time. The shots are surprisingly nice for such a small, simple camera. There is a little bit of haziness to the pictures, which I am thinking came from the film being old (I hope). It's loaded with a fresh roll of Tri-X right now so I'm interested to see how that comes out. My first impressions of the camera are really good, it's perfect for carrying around in your pocket and shooting with on the street. The light seals are a little gunky, so i've been researching how to change them and may attempt to do it soon. I'll have more pictures to come once I finish editing!

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