Tuesday, March 25, 2014

March Madness

March has been a real flurry of a month so far (and its not even over). In the past 4 weeks i've shot in a pool with a 5D and an underwater housing, worked on 2 overnight music videos, shot at an Express fashion show, and assisted on a Nickelodeon shoot. I also shot two days of interviews with all 10 winners of the Charles Bronfman prize, which is an award given to philanthropists who are doing some truly amazing things. I managed to fit in two days to take a road trip up to Ormond Beach to visit a friend and test out a Hasselblad 500CM that i borrowed, and I loved the way the pictures came out. I was a little nervous that I screwed them all up since the meter was dead and I used my Iphone light meter app, and also it was my first time home developing 120 film. I ended up being blown away with the results and getting really excited about the pictures, which is why i love shooting in the first place. I'm now writing this from New York, where Steffy and I came for a wedding and to spend a few days hanging out before we leave for our honeymoon in Ireland. We land in Dublin tomorrow and are going to spend 8 days doing a loop around the northern half of the country. It will take a little while for me to develop all my film when I get back (I packed 15 rolls... overkill?) but expect lots of good things to come! Here are some pictures from some of the shoots I spoke about and a couple film scans. My wife the professional blogger says that I need to have more continuity in my photos, but there is no continuity in freelance work so i'm okay with them being a bit jumbled. What do you think?


  1. Jumble is great! You are both great in blogging! Keep on...:) Greetings from Slovenia, Mary

  2. yo, that ferriswheel is in daytona beach?