Friday, March 4, 2016

South Africa - Part 1

The blog has been dormant for some time but this trip necessitated a (brief?) revival. I'm currently in KZN, South Africa about an hour south of Durban. I came for a job which unfortunately did not go well, we had some equipment malfunctions and the fact that we are 10,000 miles and 7+ time zones away didn't help. New parts are being flown in with a company service person from California, and I was told to stick to my original plans being that there was nothing more I could do to fix our problem. I flew out to Durban from Johannesburg this morning after an anxiety wracked night and picked up my car. Getting used to driving on the left, and shifting a manual with my left hand was a challenge for the first hour! I stopped into the Factory Cafe, one of South Africa's oldest roasters and had an amazing pour over of Tanzanian bean. I made friends with the staff and they showed me around and I bought four bags of coffee to take home (are you one of the lucky recipients??)

My next stop was Gounden's take away and restaurant, where I had Durban's most famous dish - Bunny Chow. It's basically a super spicy curry dumped into a hollowed out 1/4 loaf of bread. It was amazing but so so spicy.

I tried to stop in a surf shop before heading south, but got stuck in one of the wildest traffic jams i've ever experienced and decided to just get out of there. The Fiesta and I drove down to Vernon Crookes, a small nature reserve southwest of Durban. Since it was the afternoon, I wasn't expecting to see many animals (they're most active in the morning). Surprisingly, I got within 10 feet of a herd of wildebeest, and a couple of zebras! It was really amazing, now I really felt like I was in Africa. I also saw a couple of giant lizards and a monkey.

These were all taken with my phone, I didn't bring any digital gear. I'm shooting with the Yashica Electro 35 GTN and Cinestill 50D, which I think should look great. More to come soon!

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