Saturday, March 5, 2016

South Africa - Part 2

I woke up early today and drove around to do some surf checking, but unfortunately I happened to be here at the wrong time of the year to score waves. There are a bunch of amazing spots and I really hope to be able to come back some day in the wintertime for a proper surf trip. I continued on my journey to the Oribi Gorge natural reserve, which was about 20km inland. Entrance fee and a map was a steep $2, and I set off hiking. It started with some pretty steep climbing and I ended up on top of the gorge with some of the most incredible views i've ever seen, and not another person in sight. 

The hike followed the ridge for a couple of km, and was just one amazing vista after another.

After 4km, the path runs down the side of the gorge to the river. It was crazy steep! My legs were shaking from such an extended descent and I walked through at least 20 spiderwebs, each more fun than the last. Here's the view from the bottom looking back up to where I started.

And here's a picture of the map - I did the yellow Miziki walk. 9 kilometers hiked and it was barely noon!

They had an amazing ice cold swimming pool to cool off in at the reception, and then I went and had lunch and toured the property at Beaver Creek coffee estate.

If you didnt notice, I tend to do a LOT of stuff on my trips. If youre the type of person who's idea of a good vacation is sitting by a pool and sipping on a drink, don't ever go on a trip with me. Still more to come!

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