Friday, December 6, 2013

El Paso Aerials

Here are a couple of snaps from my trip to El Paso. I've been to Austin before but this was a totally different side of Texas. It's desolate and sprawling, but I can appreciate the beauty in any mountainous landscape since I live in such a flat place. We did some fun driving shots and then shots of downtown El Paso and Juarez. I was unprepared for the windy, 40 degree weather but had an amazing time. I promise to start bringing a real camera on some of these trips soon, but i'm still getting used to the whole having a blog thing (and the new iphone camera really is fantastic). Tomorrow i'll spend the day in airports but Wednesday me and Steffy are off for another amazing adventure in California! 

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  1. i love getting to see your travel diaries when youre away :)