Monday, May 19, 2014

Miami Fashion Week

This past week was Miami Fashion Week and I went with Steffy to a bunch of different events. I took most of the photos with our Canon SL1 since she needed to blog about everything, but in between I shot and developed another roll from the Yashica Mat. The batteries still haven't shown up, but the beauty of black and white film is that it has just so much latitude. You can over or under expose by two stops and still have more detail in the clouds than digital. I'm starting to get the hang of the camera a little more, and I also learned a new developing trick. I had been having trouble spooling my medium format negatives, and I read that if you cut the edges of the film at a 45 degree angle and give them a slight crease, it will load much easier. That worked great, you gotta love google. In a week i'll be leaving for a job in Nicaragua so lots of film to buy and things to prep! 

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