Tuesday, May 27, 2014

The Art of Packing - Nicaragua

This installment of The Art of Packing comes to you from Managua, Nicaragua. I'm down here to install the aerial camera for a TV show that is going to be shooting for a couple months. Part of my job was to hand carry 6 massive cases of gear (totaling 398 pounds) through the airport and customs. Needless to say, I tried to keep my personal gear to a minimum apart from my necessary tools. Read about what I brought and why after the photo!

1. Ticket organizer - Steffy got me this as a gift from J Crew, it has slots for your boarding pass, money, passport, etc. It seemed dorky at first but its actually really handy.

2. Pepto Bismol - you never know when that empanada from the street vendor will wreak havoc.

3. Sunglasses - same cheapies

4. Domke bag - I love this bag! I use it on set as a sort of fanny pack for gear, or in this instance I removed the belt and used it to keep my cameras organized inside of my regular non-camera backpack.

5. Olympus XA2 - my newest camera, I think its going to be perfect for travel. Its truly pocketable and very discreet, I can keep it ready at all times.

6. Removable flash for the XA2 - not sure if i'll use it but you never know, I also have 2 spare batteries.

7. Yashica Mat 124G - when I have more time to compose and for landscapes, ill use this camera

8. Sharpie - for labeling my rolls

9. Film - 2x 100TMAX 35, 2x 400TX 35, 2x 400TMAX 120, 1x expired 100TMAX 120, 1x Lomo 400CN 120.

All of this fit in my normal size backpack with plenty of room for my computer, a book, water bottle, headphones and more. Since the Yashica is the most expensive camera at $240, i'm not overly worried about theft or whether I should take my camera places. I also have a small carry on roller with my clothes and tools. And that's it! 3 days of work, 5 days of fun, and when I get back i'll have a couple days to hopefully work and develop some film before heading to New York!

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