Wednesday, May 7, 2014

My essential photography knick-knacks

That should really read "some" of my essential knick-knacks, because there are plenty more. Every photographer has their own little bits of gear that they can't shoot or travel without. Read about mine after the jump!

1. Storage pouches - I'm an organization nut, and pouches work great to keep batteries, cables, etc separate. I have a bunch of husky brand ones from home depot and assorted ones I find in other places.

2. Multi tool - You should never go anywhere without a multi tool. I just got this new one from Gerber that feels really great, I retired my old husky one to the trunk of my car.

3. Headlamp - Anytime I work at night, especially outdoors I always use a headlamp to free up my hands. This is a new "tikka plus 2" from Petzl, my old energizer one with a sliding on/off switch kept getting turned on in my bag and killing the batteries. This one has a rubber click button that shouldn't have the same problem.

4. Dust-aid - A little sensor cleaning kit I like to have with me in case some dirt or dust makes its way into my camera.

5. Sharpie - I have a big box of sharpies because they are always getting lost/stolen since every department on set uses them so much. Mine are mainly for labeling cards, cameras, and hard drives.

6. Memory card wallet - Cheapo from Amazon, it probably would have been smarter to buy the more expensive waterproof Pelican one.

7. UV Filter - I buy a UV filter and put it on the first day I get any new lens. This is really key to keeping your glass in good shape and upping your resale value. This one is a B+W, don't skimp on a cheap one because once you notice, it's already too late.

8. Bongo ties - These are clutch and have a ton of uses, like holding a group of cables out of the way.

9. Rubber circle - This is a great one. I use this to help remove stuck screws, as extra grip with my fingers or to grab with pliers and not damage the metal.

10. Pancro - Expensive lens cleaner, but the best there is for your expensive optics.

There's 10 of my favorites, what can't you live without when you shoot?

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