Friday, April 18, 2014

Aerials over the Keys

How lucky do you have to be to fly around in a beautifully restored 1941 seaplane and call what you're doing "work"? Well I did more than just fly around, but that's exactly what happened on this day last week. I was working as a Cineflex technician on a commercial for a fashion brand that featured a seaplane. The day before the shoot I rigged everything up and made sure it was all working, and then the morning of we began our day at Opa Locka airport. The camera helicopter was to shoot the seaplane on the way down to the Keys, and then land for a refuel break at Marathon airport. I needed to be close by in case any problems came up with the camera, but there was no space for me in the helicopter, so thats how I ended up hitching a ride in the seaplane. The camera worked flawlessly so I was free to enjoy the ride and observe lots of cool marine life and scenery! It was definitely one that will be hard to top. 

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