Tuesday, April 15, 2014

The Time Magazine Camera

My first review ever is of the funny little plastic camera commonly known as the Time Magazine camera. This is because it was given away for free with a subscription to Time, as well as Sports Illustrated. Apparently the same model was sold under about a hundred different logos which makes it strange that mine doesn't sport any ID. Maybe it had a sticker at one point and it fell off, but the famous "Kinetic Optical Color Lens" is the giveaway. The camera has one fixed shutter speed and four aperture settings, and the focus is fixed as well. I wasn't sure if there was a standard film ASA you are supposed to use with it, so I loaded it with trusty 400TX. I let it float around in my bag for 2 weeks and pulled it out once in a while to pop off a shot. The photos were just as strange as I would have imagined. The sharpest one of the whole roll was one taken indoors in morning light, while several of the ones in broad daylight were blurry. It also seems like half of the shutter gets stuck sometimes, which you can see in the shots that are about 2 stops difference from left to right. In the end i had a pretty fun time using it, and I dont regret spending that $5. Will I use it again? I'm not really sure. Maybe ill tape it up in a few plastic bags and take it into the ocean. 

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  1. Pretty cool actually. The photos have character! And a story behind them...