Friday, April 11, 2014

Honeymoon Film no.3

After hours spent with my hands in a changing bag and pouring chemicals into the tank, I finally finished my 6 black and white rolls. I'm definitely going to need to invest in a bigger Patterson tank if I keep up this habit (I gave back the Hasselblad so now I dont have a medium format camera of my own, but the leftover rolls in the closet are calling to me...). I've been really happy with the results and have gotten some of my favorite images ever. The "keeper" rate has been about 40-50%, whereas with digital its probably less than 10% for me. I think that's pretty cool and am going to use this as an exercise to be more frugal when I shoot video in the future. My two color rolls are back from the lab so those have to be scanned next, and then my next mission is to find a place to do enlargements. 

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