Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Honeymoon Film No. 2

Here are some photos from the second batch that I finished yesterday, these are from Dublin and Belfast. The black&white suited the rainy overcast city shots, but some would question its use in nature. I really like the way a few of them came out, I think it gives the trees an "eerie" feeling. I also shot two rolls of color, but they had to be sent out to a lab and should come back this friday. I want to take a stab at home developing color one of these days. I know its a little more difficult than black and white since the chemicals need to be hot and sustain a constant temperature, but how hard could it really be? Hopefully I can find time to do that and write about it in the near future. 

Me and Steffy were having a discussion about film grain vs. digital noise. She doubted that I could pick the two apart in a blind test, but I think I absolutely could. The grain of black and white film is what makes it special and why everyone loves it! What do you think? 


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