Sunday, April 13, 2014

Honeymoon Film no.4 - Color

After a lot of hype and anticipation, I finally got back my color negatives and the results were...underwhelming. There were some nice pictures in the mix but I would be lying if I said I was completely happy with them. A few different things contributed to this: first of all, Ireland is generally overcast, drizzly and foggy which you can see in the pictures especially from Glenveagh national park. That kind of lighting and atmosphere lends itself to contrasty black and white film. Second, I was not at all pleased with the development done by the lab. My negatives were full of smudges and dirt and had several scratches. You can see little black and white specks all over them where I got sick of clone brushing or if it was too big to be removed easily. Lastly I used lomography 400 color film out of necessity, it was the only store open at that time before we left New York. I dont know much about the film but assume it's meant to give that famous lomo look. I would be interested to see how Portra would have performed in the same scenarios. Anyways, before I dissuade you, go ahead and take a look and judge for yourself. Every shot is not always going to be perfect and that's what makes it interesting and challenges me to improve my work. 

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